EXECUTIVE BOARD (two year terms)

Elected 2022-23 through 2023-2024
"Ethnic Minority" At-Large Representative - Chance Las Dulce (appointed 2021-22; elected 2022-23 through 2023-24)
At-Large UniServ Representative - Janelle Gard (Elected 2022-23 through 2023-24)

2021-22 through 2022-23 (up for election this year)
President - Kevin Marshall (elected 2021-22 through 2022-23)
Vice President - Katie Hohnstein - Van Etten 
Recording Secretary - TJay Johnson
Treasurer - Kevin Shintaku
UniServ - At-Large -- Brooke Brown
UniServ - Elementary -- Carrie Suchy 
*We acknowledge the need to balance out our Executive Board Elections and recognize a Bylaws revision as the appropriate process. 

Representative Assembly (one year terms)

**WE ARE ALWAYS accepting involvement from interested members - please begin with this form!
OR email: kmarshall@washingtonea.org