Executive Board

Executive Board

  • President - TJay Johnson (.4 CTE; Keithley; FPEA)
  • Vice President - Lydia Valentine (Science/Math, Keithley)
  • Treasurer - Janelle Gard (Math; FPHS)
  • Secretary - Carrie Suchy (Psychologist; Brookdale, WHS, FPHS)
  • Educator of Color UniServ Representative - Jessica Dennis (The Farm)
  • At-Large UniServ Representative - Ryan Walston (AVID, Keithley)
  • Elementary UniServ Representative - Anneliese Kellogg (Music; Midland)
  • Secondary UniServ Representative - Jacob Robinson (Special Education; WHS)
  • Outgoing President - Kevin Marshall (CTE; WHS)

Breakdown and critique on representation:
Executive Board:
As an executive board we are continuing to make sure that the diverse needs of certificated staff are represented on the board. Next year, our goal is to add more classroom, non-classroom, and SPED positions to the executive board based on our Bylaws. We are currently representative of CTE, Middle School, LGBTQ+, Staff of Color, ESAs, and other intersectional identities. 

Executive Board FP Schools Email: FPEAExecutiveBoard-2023-24@washingtonea.org
**All emails on FP Schools email are FP Schools property.
**For union business, the preferred communication is from your personal email to:
TJay Johnson on his WEA email - tjohnson@washingtonea.org 


Section 1. There shall be an Executive Board with executive powers only, consisting of the officers of the Association.   

Section 2. Powers and Duties

A. The Executive Board shall expedite the business of the Representative Assembly. It shall consider all matters presented for the attention of the Representative Assembly between meetings. It shall also serve as an executive body in all matters delegated to it. It shall meet at the call of the President or the Representative Assembly.

B. The Executive Board shall prepare the agenda for each meeting of the Representative Assembly and circulate it to all members of the Representative Assembly so that it may be discussed with faculty members in advance of the meeting.

C. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the formation and presentation of the annual preliminary and final budgets.