Executive Board

Executive Board
"Ethnic Minority" At-Large - Chance Las Dulce (Ethnic Studies, English; WHS)
Elementary Uniserv - Carrie Suchy (Psychologist; Brookdale, WHS, FPHS)
Secondary Uniserv - Brooke Brown (TOSA: Instructional Equity Specialist; District Office)
Uniserv At Large - Janelle Gard (Math; FPHS) 
Treasurer - Kevin Shintaku (Music; Central Avenue)
Recording Secretary - TJay Johnson (CTE; Keithley)
Vice President - Katie Hohnstein - Van Etten (Leadership; Keithley)
President - Kevin Marshall (.5 Sub; FPEA)

Breakdown and critique on represnetation:
Executive Board:
We are currenly represented by the first ever ESA of the year and a former educator of the year. 6 of the 8 members are historically repesentative of secondary educators, 2 of us are CTE, 1 is a psychologist, 1 is an elementary specialist, and 1 works as a TOSA. Four identify as staff of color. We need to seek more inclusion from elementary staff, and non-general education classroom educators and support professionals.  

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**For union business, the perferred communication is from your personl email to:
Kevin Marshall on his WEA email - kmarshall@washingtonea.org 


Section 1. There shall be an Executive Board with executive powers only, consisting of the  officers of the Association. When the number of ethnic-minority members equals the major fraction  of the number of members each Executive Board member represents, an ethnic-minority  representative shall be elected from that group and shall become a member of the Executive Board. 

Section 2. Powers and Duties 

A. The Executive Board shall expedite the business of the Representative Assembly. It shall  consider all matters presented for the attention of the Representative Assembly between  meetings. It shall also serve as an executive body in all matters delegated to it. It shall  meet at the call of the President or the Representative Assembly. 

B. The Executive Board shall prepare the agenda for each meeting of the Representative  Assembly and circulate it to all members of the Representative Assembly so that it may be discussed with faculty members in advance of the meeting. 

C. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the formation and presentation of the annual  preliminary and final budgets.