Representative Assembly

2022-203 Representative Assmebly 

Rep Assembly:
Some buildings are strongly repsented, while others remain unrepresented. Kevin Marshall is committed to any unrepresnted building, AND we are seeking individuals willing to ensure their building has access and repsrentation both on our Represenative Assmebly (the primary governing board of our local association), and in-building. We are willing to work with you as your time allows.

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Section 1. There shall be a representative body with full governing powers, to be known as the  Representative Assembly, which shall consist of: (a) one representative for each ten (10)  members, or fraction thereof, in each building; (b) one representative for each ten (10) substitute  teacher members, or fraction thereof, elected by and from their own group; and (c) the officers. 

Section 2. Powers and Duties 

A. Upon the Representative Assembly shall rest the duties, responsibilities, and the final  authority for the conduct of the Association in all matters except as stated otherwise in the  Bylaws; provided that it may at any time refer any matter to the general membership for  general consideration, with the Representative Assembly prescribing the manner of voting  therein. 

B. The Representative Assembly shall review and approve both the preliminary and final  budgets of the Association. 

C. The Representative Assembly shall have the power to authorize the spending of any money  received from dues and contributions which has not already been provided for in the annual  budget. 

D. Meetings of the Representative Assembly shall be held once each month or at any other  time at the call of the President or at the call of a majority of the Representative Assembly.  It shall be the duty of the Representative Assembly to act upon matters, which are to be  presented at any general meetings of the Association, and to fill vacancies, which may arise  between the annual elections, in the manner prescribed above.

E. The Representative Assembly shall act on reports of committees and approve resolutions  and other policy statements. 

F. Powers not delegated to the Executive Board, the officers, or other groups in the  Association shall be
vested in the Representative Assembly.